Wee Ones Wardrobe

Giving Clothes A New Lease Of Life

Making kids clothes more sustainable one swap at a time!

I decided to open up my own swap shop to help parents update their children’s wardrobes in a more environmentally friendly way.

I’ve always been thinking “we need to do something with these clothes” and I have a boy and a girl so I have mountains and mountains of clothes. I just thought “why can’t we just swap?” There are so many clothes here and they aren’t getting used to their full potential.

I believe that lockdown gave people the chance to sort through their wardrobes, leading to charity shops being inundated with donations. I also noticed many mums taking to social media asking which charities would take kids clothes.

I collected donations for the Aberdeen Neonatal Unit during lockdown and was surprised by the amount of generous people in the north-east and the amount of clothes they had.

I read that when you donate items to a charity shop only three out of 10 go on the rails in the shop, and the others get sent abroad to Africa or get shredded for furniture. Obviously charity shops don’t have enough room and they don’t have enough staff, so I thought “I need to do something, this is not sustainable, we can’t be like this.”

I asked friends from my antenatal group what they thought about a swap shop for children’s clothes and they all wanted to try it. Many donated clothes to get me started and I sorted through the items before opening a social media page called Wee One’s Wardrobe.

“I never expected it to pick up like this!”

After starting the swap shop I noticed interest really hot up. I initially had 10 people drop off their items which meant I had 150 pieces of clothes to check over the weekend.

“You should of seen my garage, it was unreal, much to my partner’s dislike because he couldn’t get to his tools!”

Now we have Wee One’s Wardrobe online, where you can manage the clothes your children have grown out of, get the new clothes your children need and love, all while reducing clothes waste and the reliance on fast fashion.

I hope you love swapping and shopping with Wee One’s Wardrobe as much as I do!

– Katie, Wee One’s Wardrobe