Swap. Shop. Repeat.

Swapping & Shopping Is Easy!

Making kids clothes more sustainable one swap at a time!


Donate your pre-loved clothes to build your "swap" balance.


Browse our clothing and bag your pre-loved bargains.


Give your wee ones clothes a new lease of life.

Step #1


Sort out items of clothing that your child has outgrown, but are still in great condition. We recommend aiming for around 15 items per bag.

Register for a free account on our site and we'll send you one of our reusable bags which you can use to return your clothes.

Not only do we send you a free bag, when you register but we also pay for the first bag to be shipped back to us.

Every item of clothing submitted gets personally checked, washed and listed on the site, where you'll be credited with a "swaps" balance you can use to shop for an equal amount of new items but at amazing discount prices.

Step #2


Browse our wonderful range of pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories and use your "swaps" to bag a bargain at an amazing price.

Your "swaps" balance gets you the discounted price. on an equal number of items. Swapping more clothes has benefits!

Prices per item for swapping!

Essential items - £1 to £2

Everyday Items - £2 to £4

Exclusive Items - £4 to £6

Perfectly Imperfect!

Everything in the Perfectly Imperfect category has an imperfection but still has life left in it yet! Great for wearing to nursery or playing in the garden.

They are all £1 to swap or £2 to buy (unless specified).

- Material Bobbling
- Fading
- Well Used
- Small stains that will not come out
- Tiny holes or pulls on the material

All sold as seen.


We'll pick your clothes and send them direct to your local Evri ParcelShop for your wee one's to enjoy and get more life out of great quality, fashionable clothes.

Step #3


Keep on swapping and shopping to reduce clothing waste and the reliance on fast fashion.

Plus, save money at the same time as not having to worry about stockpiling clothes or storing them "just in case".

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